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The needs and wishes of each client are always at the center of our activities. With three experts at your side, each with a special skill set and intimate familiarity with shipbuilding processes, your best interests are always top priority.

Our service approach is straightforward, but our service portfolio is as multifaceted as the individual needs and wishes of our clients. Whatever challenges you face, we can deliver targeted services to master them.


At your side from concept to launch

Building a ship from the ground up opens up a world of possibilities – and a world of challenges. We are at your side to help you find your way, from the earliest ideas and sketches to planning, liaising with contractors and construction.


Efficient coordination of your refit

Whether a necessary improvement or a modification according to special wishes, a refit always involves integrating new elements into existing naval architecture. We will help ensure smooth execution and perfect harmony between old and new.

Ongoing projects

Troubleshooting and support

When ongoing projects run aground, you face tough decisions: Try to change course? Bring in new contractors? Consider legal action? Based on vast experience, excellent people skills and in-depth knowledge of shipyard processes, we can troubleshoot and support your best interests as an independent third party.


Claim management

Claims on warrantees can be time-consuming and contentious. With our expert knowledge of costs, responsibilities and accountability in shipbuilding, we can realistically assess the situation and support you in pursuing your claims.


Making sure your crew is ship-shape

Whether private yacht or utility vessel, the quality, efficiency and security of operation depends on the crew’s training. We have an excellent track record of training and qualifying ship’s crews, and draw on specialized regional partners to train crews within maritime defense forces.

After-sales services

Maintenance, logistics, administration

We are there for you throughout your project – but our relationship needn’t end with the launch of your special vessel. You can also count on us for comprehensive after-sales service, including maintenance, logistical support and administration.


The right contractors and the right terms

Newbuild or refit, choosing the right shipyard and drafting the right terms and conditions are crucial factors in the success of your project. We are at your side in drawing up a call for tenders, evaluating bids and working out agreements with shipyards and other contractors.


Accurate assessments based on vast experience

It takes a trained eye for detail and up-to-date market knowledge to realistically assess the value of a yacht. Whether you seek to acquire an existing ship, sell your own yacht or take out an insurance policy, we can give you a comprehensive and independent appraisal.

Project survey

Expert project checkup

Ensuring that your project stays on track can require an external analysis. We closely examine all key technical and monetary factors, identify root causes of problems and propose solutions. If desired, we can assume project management or draw up independent assessments and expert opinions.

Digital project management

A new era in shipbuilding efficiency

Our innovative project management system digitally interconnects all relevant aspects, stakeholders and processes for unprecedented planning security and quality assurance. Your benefit: shipbuilding know-how you can rely on backed by state-of-the-art technology. Read More

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